Mar 26, 2010

Giving credit

The Los Angeles Times scolds Variety for failing to give credit to other publications when they follow a story. From the Times:

If Variety really wants to improve its showbiz coverage, it should stop ripping off other publications' stories without giving any credit to where the original post appeared. As I pointed out recently, Vulture had the news that Ivan Reitman was directing a new romantic comedy with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher hours before Variety's version of the story appeared. But the trade didn't credit Vulture for being there first. And the Wall Street Journal had a terrific article last Friday about Wal-Mart doing a huge merchandising partnership with DreamWorks to promote "How to Train Your Dragon." Variety followed the article on Sunday with a less-than-terrific story of its own on the same exact subject, again without offering any credit to the Journal for having been there first.

So before it complains about being scooped, Variety should get in the habit of doing the right thing itself. When the paper is so clearly following in other people's wake, it should start giving other publications credit when they clearly get to the story first.

I suspect there are a few journalists out there at smaller Southern California newspapers who would love it if the Times followed its own advice.

(found via LA Observed)


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Tines should heed its own advice and stop ripping off stories without admitting another paper broke the story.

Anonymous said...

Local tv news pulls this crap all the time.