Mar 15, 2010

Andrew's ankles

Atlantic magazine asked conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart what he's reading. Apparently, he has a "secret wire" that's three minutes faster than everyone else's and a nose for email-inbox gold.

Also, if you've had a Twitter spat with Breitbart, it's only because he thinks he's better than you:
I use Google Alert for my name to start fights with people in comment sections or on Twitter. It's clear that Keith Olbermann's strategy to get noticed was to attack people above him. I have precisely the opposite strategy: to go after the mosquitoes that bite my ankles. I'm not sure it's a good business model but I'm a petty enough man to indulge them.
Breitbart also labels Gawker as an ankle-biting enterprise - which it is, but this seems a bit of a pot-kettle thing.

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