Feb 16, 2010

Why some conservatives think journalism is liberal

Why do conservatives think journalism is, at its heart, a liberal enterprise? Aside from the fact that journalism's biggest takedown happened to be of a Republican president, the "conservative" journalism movement thinks most investigative reporters want the government to come in and solve any problems they uncover - at least according to columnist K. Daniel Glover:
Much investigative journalism has at its core a belief that government is the solution to whatever problems the investigations uncover. Conservatives who have seen how government creates more problems than it solves don't have any interest in doing work that will promote more government interference and less freedom.


Anonymous said...

One of the great myths of journalism is that it is possible to be objective. It isn't. Everyone has presuppositions that color their view. Instead of the pretentious position that journalists are objective, just come out and say where you are coming from. Most journalists are liberal. Fine. We all know where you will be coming from. Not all are liberal. Up until the late 60's most were conservative. There will never be a perfect balance. But it kills me when journalists claim to be objective. Not possible.

Anonymous said...

Sure it is. I'm objective, and you're not. And most people agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Well, as a reporter who worked in my home town, covering its City Hall and school district that contained people I had known all my life, it was quite a struggle to be objective. But I did it. I nearly stroked out trying to balance my reporting -- and I must have done a good job because I often would get a wink-wink from BOTH sides saying how they thought I presented their side so well. Both sides thought I was biased in their favor! Of course, there also were times that both sides were angry with me.