Feb 3, 2010

Four in the morning

1. God is dead... No, wait. The mainstream media is dead, and Andrew Breitbart is coming to collect the body (just as soon as that thing with James O'Keefe is taken care of). NPR

2. The Los Angeles Times shuffles a few editorial positions and hires former Daily News sports reporter Steve Dilbeck to blog about the Dodgers. LAO

3. The Twitter bullies are out. Nick Bilton at the New York Times is highly offended that New Yorker writer George Packer is leery of the new "information economy" that comes in the form of Tweets. NYT (Packer's original post)

4. The Los Angeles chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has honored five journalists: Celeste Fremon of WitnessLA, Denise Nix of the Daily Breeze, Claudia Peschiutta of KNX 1070, Dave Lopez of CBS2/KCAL9, and Andrew Blankstein of the Los Angeles Times. SPJ


Anonymous said...

so monster buys hotjobs from yahoo and in all probability will screw newspapers even further. the brilliant newspaper deal makers rebuffed monster for years and now monster buys yahoo hotjobs for about half of what yahoo did and now is in bed with newspapers a lot cheaper than they ever could have been. though, it is hard to imagine how much further newspapers can be screwed on the recruitment business.

Anonymous said...

Peschiutta again with an SPJ award? Thirty seconds a day of obvious, surface reporting any joe on the street could do -- mostly on courthouse and crime stuff -- and it warrants prizes? Is someone hearing something most of us don't?