Jan 21, 2010

Keeping us safe from the terrors of a free press

Los Angeles Times reporter Tina Susman said she and another reporter, Dionne Searcy of the Wall Street Journal, were detained and then bullied by Orlando International Airport president Larry Dale after they returned from Haiti. Susman said they had hitched a ride back to the U.S. on a cargo plane carrying Haitian evacuees and were detained as they were interviewing a nun on a bus.

From the Orlando Sentinel:
Susman, a national correspondent who was Baghdad bureau chief for two years and spent 11 years covering Africa, said [airport president Larry] Dale insinuated that she and Searcey could be stowaways or terrorists with fake credentials. She said he shouted at her to sit down and be quiet. ...

"I really am not impressed by bullies," Susman said. "All I know is if they take advantage of me like that, they're taking worse advantage of others."


I am Heidi's Mom. said...

"Hitched a ride"? Please tell me Susman and Searcy did NOT take seats that could have been used by Haitian refugees.

Anonymous said...

Re first comment 4:58: Unclear ... what is your concern?