Jan 12, 2010

Gannett thaws frozen wages

The Gannett newspaper chain is apparently ready to lift a wage freeze implemented roughly a year ago, the Gannettoid blog reports:
Gannett has not commented on the expiration of the wage freeze, but executives have confirmed to Gannettoid.com the budgets are set with room for wage increases to begin in April.
Thawing wages will be welcome, but pitfalls remain:

Despite the upcoming return of raises, Gannett remains in a cutting mode. The round of layoffs [newspaper division president Bob] Dickey announced over the summer has yet to complete, employees are required to take five furlough days during the first quarter and the company is considering whether or not to impose another week of furloughs in the second quarter. The announcement last month that Westchester would lay off 166 employees when it outsources its printing is a part of the 1,400 planned layoffs Dickey announced over the summer.

Gannett is the largest newspaper chain in the country and USA Today is its flagship. Locally, Gannett owns the Desert Sun in Palm Springs.

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