Nov 30, 2009

WaPost's newsroom spotlight

Ever wonder how many bad ideas journalists have before they land a good story idea? Well, the Washington Post has a new venture called Story Lab that's supposed to help answer that and other questions for readers. The idea is to let readers watch, and even participate in the construction of a story "from conception to publication."

From Marc Fisher, who's overseeing the project:
We’re hoping to demystify the work of a big, sometimes-anonymous institution and give readers a way to connect with the people who report and write the news.

We’re really going to try to have a number of stories each week that are, from conception to finish, formulated on Story Lab. A reporter says, “Here’s what I’m thinking of; here’s the story as we see it. What do you think?” I fully expect that stories will evolve.
I wonder how much interest there is out there for this.

(found via Nieman Journalism Lab)


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Gary. Who's asking for this so-called "participation" in the creative process?

Andrea P. said...

Gary, That's part of what we were wondering ourselves when we highlighted the Post's story lab. I think the concept could work, but that they will likely need to create a new, online community that wants to engage in story process. I'm not sure the print subscribers will hop on board... But we'll see!

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