Nov 16, 2009

The stress factor

"News reporter" places #4 on the Forbes list of "stressful jobs that pay badly." Of those surveyed, 62 percent described the job as stressful and the median pay is calculated at $32,900 a year.

Here's the Forbes summary:
Every minute is another deadline for those who report and write the news. While racing against the clock, reporters gather data, conduct interviews and analyze their findings all before writing about major events for a newspaper, magazine, radio show or television program.
As the industry implodes and pink slips fall like rain, are deadlines really the most stressful part of the job? How about the occasional inability to pay a bill on time? Or the frustration that comes knowing good work might never pay off?

Incidentally, the best job on the list is systems engineer (median pay: $87,100), followed by physician assistant ($90,900) and college professor ($70,400).

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