Nov 24, 2009


The San Francisco Chronicle plans to publish select material from McSweeney's 300-page Panorama newspaper, which is envisioned to celebrate the newspaper style but appears to include few newspaper writers. From the Chronicle news release:
The Panorama will be a 300-plus-page, single-edition newspaper published by McSweeney's, the independent San Francisco publishing house founded by author and philanthropist Dave Eggers.

The Panorama features the contributions of Michael Chabon, Stephen King, Andrew Sean Greer, William T. Vollmann, and Junot Diaz. It also includes writing from such acclaimed Bay Area authors as Michelle Tea, Tom Barbash, Robert Hass, and Daniel Alarcon, Eggers and many others. ...

"The Panorama in part is a way to demonstrate the many things that newspapers can do uniquely well, and how necessary they are to a thriving democracy," Eggers said. "From the beginning, we conceived of this as a way to show readers how much newsprint can do, and how essential to the craft of journalism readers' support of print is."

I wonder if they'll pay tribute to the yellow journalism, too?

(found via Romenesko)

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