Nov 2, 2009

Closing time

Freedom Communications has decided to close the East Valley Tribune in Mesa, Arizona after failing to find a buyer. The newspaper employs about 140 people and had already trimmed staff and a reduced its printing schedule to try to trim costs.

The Tribune won a Pulitzer Prize for local reporting this year.

Freedom, which is the parent company of the Orange County Register, filed for bankruptcy in August.

(found via LA Biz Observed)


Anonymous said...

WHY??? thought newspapers were making a comeback.

Anonymous said...

so are the sabre tooth tigers in the tar pits.

LANG banger said...

Amazing. You win a Pulitzer and get shut down, but crap like the SGV Tribune keeps chugging along with Lambone at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

It is the flagship!

Anonymous said...

that's right....SGV Tribune is the flagship of LANG.