Oct 19, 2009

NYT trims newsroom

The New York Times today announced that it will cut 100 jobs from the newsroom, about 8 percent of the total, through buyouts if possible and layoffs if necessary. This is the second time in as many years that the Times has cut staff. In 2008, the paper eliminated roughly 100 positions, most of them outside of the newsroom.

Said Executive Editor Bill Keller, as quoted in the Times:
As before, if we do not reach 100 positions through buyouts, we will be forced to go to layoffs. I hope that won’t happen, but it might ... I won’t pretend that these staff cuts will not add to the burdens of journalists whose responsibilities have grown faster than their compensation. Like you, I yearn for the day when we can do our jobs without looking over our shoulders for economic thunderstorms.
Read Keller's complete memo here.

(via LA Observed)

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