Oct 14, 2009

Four in the afternoon

1. An affair to remember: Common Cause has filed a complaint with the state's ethics commission against the lobbyist who allegedly engaged in an extramarital affairs with former Republican Assemblyman Mike Duvall. SacBee

2. Bankrupt: The 5,000 carries who deliver the Orange County Register will not get the $22 million the paper set aside to settle a lawsuit. Instead, the paper has wrapped the money into its list of assets as part of its bankruptcy filing. OC Register

3. In the red zone: The California Senate could pass a bill as early as today that would exempt the proposed NFL stadium in the city of Industry from environmental regulations and thereby eliminate a citizen lawsuit to block the project. PSN

4. Skinny paper: The Los Angeles Times loses an inch. ChiTrib ... LA Times pressman and blogger Ed Padgett had this story last month.

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pasadenapio said...

Thanks for helping me get upright last night!