Sep 2, 2009

Station Fire still spreading, investigators investigating

The Station Fire is slowing, but now its headed for mountains behind Sierra Madre and Monrovia. ... Mt. Wilson, its observatory and its array of communications towers remain threatened but water and gel drops have kept the flames at bay so far. ... Investigators have cordoned off an area on the Angeles Crest Highway near mile marker 29 where the fire is thought to have begun. LAT, Star-News

From the LA Times:
Although the number of structures razed is small compared with other recent wildfires, this one has ripped an enormous hole in one of Southern California's most treasured wildlife areas, a fact that was particularly evident along Angeles Crest Highway, which remained closed to the public.

Under skies tinged coral and gray by dense smoke, acres of slope once covered with manzanita, sumac, sycamore and pine trees looked like black dunes.

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Anonymous said...

This makes me want to leave LA.