Sep 24, 2009 gets facelift

The Press-Enterprise in Riverside has launched a redesigned website (readers can offer their two cents here). The site has echoes of the recently unveiled Los Angeles Times web page and is, at least upon a cursory view, much, much better than the previous one.


Chris Moran said...

I agree, the PE's "new look" is a pretty awkward imitation of Time's new web site design. All that big black serif type looks horsey and is harder to read on computer screens -- especially with the blinding ALL WHITE cells and backgrounds.

The Times can get away with it, because they _are_ the Times and they are using a "Times" font. Wink, wink.

Meanwhile I'm snow blind from trying to read both sites.

Anonymous said...

big black serif ... hmmm, makes me wonder if design guru with the initials t.b. still works there.

Anonymous said...

This site looks terrible. WTF were they thinking??

Anonymous said...

The new design is much more pleasing to the eye and it's nice to see some white space even though it does seem to be on the coattails of the "Times".
I wish the same care was given to their last project "Mission of Hope" which was very tough to get through offering photographs easily forgotten.

Anonymous said...

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