Sep 1, 2009

More complaints about fire coverage

Los Angeles Times TV critic Mary McNamara scolds local television stations for failing provide more coverage earlier of the fast-moving Station Fire that has now consumed 122,000 and cost two firefighters their lives:
What do we have to do to get a little blow-by-blow televised coverage? "If only Kate Gosselin lived in La Crescenta," I found myself thinking Monday morning as I watched KTLA-TV Channel 5 (which is owned by Tribune Co., as is The Times) move quickly off a brief report of the fire -- it's spreading -- into a segment about decoding carbs, then we'd have the news crews out in full force.
Complaints about the lack of coverage started coming in over the weekend and were aimed mainly at local TV and national news outlets.

Times reporter Greg Braxton gets the local stations to respond to LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich's charge that their coverage was "horrendous."

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