Sep 30, 2009

Wikipedia edits

Last month, the New York Times reported that the board overseeing Wikipedia would impose sweeping new rules to prevent erroneous edits on the pages of living people, especially those with high profiles.

Time reports today that the story was wrong. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales told the magazine that the changes being contemplated are minimal, and in fact look a lot like the old rules:
Wikipedia's ruling body of volunteers never decided to impose restrictions on all articles about living people. Instead, the site will adopt "flagged protection" — the new method for requiring editorial approval before changes to Wikipedia go up — for a small number of articles, most likely on a case-by-case basis.
So the question is: Did the New York Times get the story wrong? Or is there a disagreement within the Wikipedia ranks about what kinds of rules need to be adopted?

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Warwak said...

Current butchered Wikipedia page up for speedy deletion October 5th:

What was my Wikipedia page a few weeks back:

Seems Wikipedia's abuser kelapstick, a milk promoter from Nevada is the pus-chugger who is working hard to have me erased.