Aug 30, 2009

Mt. Wilson threatened*, **

Flames from the Station Fire are less than two miles from the Mt. Wilson Observatory and fire officials expect they will hit the area, home to television and communications towers, in the next two to four hours.

From the LAT:
“It’s a serious situation,” said Bob Shindelar, operations branch director of California Incident Management Team 5. “Is the observatory going to make it? We’re doing everything in our power. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it is impacted by fire today or tomorrow.”
(Sceen grab from a live web cam tracking the fire's advance.)

*Update: This is certainly one way to get the television stations' attention.

**Update II: The transmitters serve more than television and radio stations. They include cell phone towers and transmitters for the FBI, CIA and Secret Service, the LA Times reports. There's also the matter of the historic Observatory and Hale's 60-inch telescope.

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