Aug 18, 2009

Meet the new boss

The new owners of the San Diego Union-Tribune met privately with employees and laid out their plans for the future - and dissed the old owner for letting the paper get fat. At least a few employees seem to be relieved.

From the Voice of San Diego:
"I went into the meeting not super receptive, given that this is the management team that had laid off more than 100 people the day before," said one newsroom staffer. "I came out feeling better about the future of the paper than I have in two years."

Two other newsroom workers agreed with that assessment, and all three said they were hopeful and impressed by the new management's willingness to criticize the old regime. (The staff members requested anonymity for fear of antagonizing the new bosses.)
Employees were told the mass layoffs are over, but changes in production will probably mean more people will lose jobs in the near future.

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Do not, I repeat, do not believe anything that came out of little eddie's mouth.