Aug 4, 2009

Is San Diego California's online news incubator?

The Los Angeles area is peppered with individual and group blogs, but San Diego seems to have an edge in start-up online publications. PaidContent reports that the online news site San Diego News Network is making fine progress in its fund-raising efforts, having raised $707,000 toward its $2 million goal. The company has 16 full-time staff, 23 freelancers and 12 bloggers. In addition to the the downsized San Diego Union-Tribune, SDNN will compete with one of the best-known startups, Voice of San Diego.

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Anonymous said...

There's such breathless excitement surrounding VOSD and SDNN all over the country. It continues unabated up to the very moment when someone actually looks at the sites and discovers the two common ingrediants are smoke and mirrors - held together by a marketing plan.