Aug 25, 2009


California ranks 11th in an annual survey of average Internet speeds for the 50 states and three U.S. territories. Delaware, home of the credit card company headquarters, is first. Puerto Rico is last. Montana ranks as the state with the slowest speeds, falling behind Alaska, which had the distinction last year.

The survey was done by the Communication Workers of America, which would like to see the government spend more money on upgrades. From the summary:
The results of this third annual Speed Matters survey of Internet speeds show that the U.S. has not made significant improvement in the speeds at which residents connect to the Internet. The average download speed for the nation was 5.1 megabits per second (mbps) and the average upload speed was 1.1 mbps. This was only a nine-tenths of a megabit per second increase (from 4.2 mbps to 5.1 mbps) since last year. At this rate, it will take the United States 15 years to catch up with current Internet speeds in South Korea. And when compared to the rest of the world, the United States ranks 28th in average Internet connection speeds.
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(via Chicago Tribune)

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