Jul 2, 2009

LA Times shuffles top editors

LA Observed reports that the Los Angeles Times has undergone a serious masthead shuffle heading into the Independence Day holiday, starting with news that Executive Editor John Arthur is out of a job.

Times Editor Russ Stanton also announced several promotions. Sports editor Randy Harvey will takeover as associate editor of the paper. Obituaries editor John Thurber becomes manager editor for the print side and website editor Meredith Artley jumps to managing editor for online.

In a memo to staff, Stanton cited Arthur's opposition to these promotions as one of the primary reasons he's leaving:
Executive Editor John Arthur will be the leaving The Times after a distinguished 23 years here.

John and I did not agree on the need for the just-announced masthead changes, and we differ on the best approach to reaching our goals.

This decision was a difficult one. John has served in a host of leadership roles at The Times that have included assistant city editor in the Orange County edition, assistant national editor, editor of the Valley edition and managing editor with responsibility for the three regional editions as well as the national edition.

He later served as deputy Page 1 editor/nights, Page 1 editor, managing editor and, most recently, executive editor.


Robert Rector said...

john arthur was one of the best editors I worked with in my 33 years at the times. and he's going to be replaced with the sports editor and obit editor? with all due respect to these two gentlemen, what the hell?

Anonymous said...

Either they were chosen because they're total tools, or no one else wanted the job. The Times is finished.

Anonymous said...

again this piece of shit blog encourages personal attacks. how pathetic. randy harvey is a good editor I'm sure he will rise to the challenges he faces.