Jul 22, 2009

Second hoax this week for HuffPo

For the second time in as many days, Huffington Post has published a hoax story on its website. In the latest example, caught here by Gawker, Huffington Post picked up a sarcastic story from CurbedNY about a ridiculous proposal to build an airport in New York's "blighted" Central Park. Gawker writes:
Combine HuffPo's hunger for traffic with its ugly habit of lifting content from other websites, and this is the amusing result; apparently the sarcasm in the original Curbed item was too subtle for the website's editors.

If the concept doesn't seem an obvious satire on its face, there's always the over-the-top website, which calls Central Park a "blighted urban space" that needs to be "reclaim[ed]" and assures that Tavern on the Green will "be given the option of applying for a franchisee lease in the concourse food court."

Huffington Post has since made note of the hoax on its website.

Yesterday, HuffPo followed TMZ and a few others in reporting that mixed martial arts fighter Kim "Kimo" Leopoldo had died. The story came as quite a surprise to the still-living Leopoldo.

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