Jul 8, 2009

Possible job cuts at Palm Beach Post

Trouble ahead at the Palm Beach Post reports Bob Norman at The Daily Pulp:

Once again, there's a major reorganization happening at the Palm Beach Post. This time, all the editors and managers are being forced to reapply for their positions, and job titles are changing. Among the new titles: "Watchdog Editor," "Money Editor," and "Multimedia Editor," according to a source at the newspaper.

A commenter yesterday reported on this blog that six of the 23 managers will lose their jobs by August 14, but I couldn't get that confirmed.


Anonymous said...

When a solid well run private company like Cox does this for the second time in a couple of years you have to gulp hard.

Their effort in Atlanta failed and they are now basically organized like they were years ago. The consultants that the last publisher hired are long gone and virtually none of the changes adopted remain. And, the publisher got whacked.

Now this crap starts in West Palm. My only guess is that this is a legal effort to reduce staff without being held accountable. They look like they are trying to spruce up the bottom line to be sold along with others they have on the market.

The good news for Mr Taylor, the current publisher is he won't get whacked. He is the nephew of Jim Kennedy, chairman, and my guess is one day he will run company.

Trust me when I say this is no way to treat employees. For Cox to do this yet again speaks volumes about the future of newspapers. They were always a first class, treat people well company. Economics in this end of their portfolio has caused them to sharpen the ax. Don't bet on a daily product delivered to your door for long and don't bet on newspapers future. If Cox can't make it work, it won't.

Anonymous said...

a class organization is continuing to lose luster. they are probably smart in trying to get out know since it will only get worse. cox knows newspapers have no future in making money on the web or in print.