Jul 1, 2009

Memo outlines Gannett's layoff plans

Bob Dickey, president of Gannett's newspaper division, sent a memo today to employees outlining plans to cut about 1,400 newspaper jobs. The number of layoffs at each individual newspaper is still being worked out. "The vast majority of the reductions will take place by July 9," the memo says. The Wall Street Journal has reported that USA Today, Gannett's flagship, will be spared.

From the memo:
Approximately 1400 employees will be impacted by the job reductions across the division. Your publisher or general manager will communicate the local plans, and we expect the vast majority of the reductions will take place by July 9. In a select few cases, the implementation may take longer. There will not be any furloughs for the rest of the year.

I want to stress that the job reductions are not a reflection on these employees or their work. We truly value their many contributions and thank them for their efforts over the years.

Unfortunately, we must take these steps because the advertising environment remains challenged. There have been some promising signs of a recovery, but the reality is the improvements are not broad-based and the economy continues to be fragile.

Even so, we know the economy will improve. To be ready, we need to continue our transformation and maintain a strong financial position. We must publish our newspapers, produce our Web sites and pay down our debt. By taking all these steps today, we will be stronger tomorrow.
Read the complete Dickey memo here.


Anonymous said...

LANG got hit too: All take 5 days off, either vacation or furlough or both, whatever you have mix and match plus they still won't accumulate any vacation time. So in essence, they are loosing 40 hrs. vacation/no pay and not getting any more vacation time for the second quarter in a row.

Anonymous said...

What a shock...a LANG newspaper doing something bad to employees...wow.

Chrystal K. said...

Wow, this really sucks, especially for someone trying to get into the field of journalism…not to mention the 1,000 people or more that are losing their jobs. :(

Anonymous said...

save yourself. do NOT become a journalist.

HillarysVillage said...

i wish if they could come out with some alternative plans to save their employees