Jul 24, 2009

Meanwhile, in San Berdoo...

Bill Postmus, former assessor for San Bernardino County, pleaded not guilty yesterday to nine felony counts and one misdemeanor charge, including grand theft, misuse of public funds and perjury. Postmus, 38, and a handful of his lieutenants have been accused of running a private political shop out of the assessor's office while on the public payroll.

Duane Gang, politics reporter for the Press-Enterprise, was on "Which Way, LA?" yesterday to talk about what this means for the county and for the county's Republican Party, of which Postmus was a prominent and influential member.

The P-E also reports that Postmus on Wednesday described the District Attorney is "sex-obsessed" for including detalis of his sex life in investigative documents. At least one of Board of Supervisors appears to have picked up the line of thought. On Thursday, Supervisor Neil Derry called for an investigation of DA Mike Ramos for alleged "improper relationships with female subordinates and colleagues." This gave Postmus the chance to respond with yet another press statement.

Maybe just a coincidence, but one of the men charged in connection with the Postmus investigation is Jim Irwin, Derry's former chief of staff.


Anonymous said...

Jim Erwin, not Neil Erwin.

Gary Scott said...

Corrected, thanks.