Jul 30, 2009

Four in the morning

1. News sites can now track when readers cut and paste text from articles. It should add another dimension to measurement's of story popularity; it's probably also a good tool to track content pirates. Nieman Lab

2. Rubber-neck journalism: A "story" made entirely out of tweets. Universal Hub

3. Something to dampen that Boston pride: two members of the 2004 and 2007 World Series champion Red Sox tested positive for steroids in 2003 - Manny Ramirez, now an LA Dodger, and David Ortiz. Ramirez suffered a 50-game suspension this year for a positive test. NYT

4. Who does the public blame in the Crowley-Gates affair? Most of them blame both men. ABC News

4.5 Some poor decision-making here: The beers of choice for tonight's picnic-table summit: Bud Light (Obama), Red Stripe (Gates) and Blue Moon (Crowley). Chicago Tribune

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