Jul 21, 2009

BANG cuts newsrooms

As expected, the Bay Area News Group (aka BANG) has eliminated 17 newsroom positions in its East Bay division through a combination of buyouts and layoffs. The affected papers include the Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune and Tri-Valley Herald.

The San Francisco Weekly got hold of the list of names last Wednesday.

Those taking buyouts:
• Dave Carpenter, copy editor
• Pat Craig, theater critic
• Mike DeCicco, copy editor
• Christine Harrington, Alameda clerk
• Ben Hawkins, copy editor
• Karen Holzmeister, Hayward-based reporter
• Paula King, east Alameda County reporter
• Kathleen Kirkwood, online news supervisor
• Christine Morente, San Mateo reporter
• Jeremiah Oshan, copy editor
• Kimberly Wetzel, west Alameda County reporter
Those getting laid off:
• Mike Lucia, Hayward-based photographer
• Mike Martinez, Tracy-based reporter
• Jenny Starks, sports reporter
• Ginny Stemler, librarian
• Jolene Thym, food editor
• Steve R. Waterhouse, Fremont-based prep sportswriter


Anonymous said...

whaat?? the food editor????

Mike Rappaport said...


Anonymous said...

It appears Bang anf Lang both suffer from a leadership void.

Don't know what genius runs the northern empire but think Hamilton and Lambert are releated to them.

I have recently looked at the Lang newspapers for advertising opportunities and there are many of them. The Daily News by itself is missing seven figure opportunitied in retail and classified. They apparently don't know how to motivate a staff or get the business. Don't even want to mention the newspapers to the east and south. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

BANG has experienced drastic cuts since Singleton took over the former Knight Ridder properties, but it hasn't been hacked away at to the same extent as LANG. I wouldn't say their management is any more enlightened than LANG's, but they still put out a product that's much better than what you're seeing in LANG.

Anonymous said...

Well, that wouldn't be difficult would it?

Anonymous said...

May I just have a place to say this? Here at SGVN, we are struggling with cuts in our vacation and sick time, forced furloughs and being overworked due to the layoffs. In the midst of this comes 3 VPs, moving into recently vacated offices. Out with the carpeting, must have new! Fresh coats of paint and furniture. All of this in the middle of a newsroom filled with overworked employees. It just makes me sick to watch perfectly talented, hardworking and wonderful people wilt under the charge of such selfish and shortsighted baffoons, idiots and sycophants. People are melting down and it's completely avoidable. It's bad enough with all the changes and cuts, but to wave your good fortune in front of the ones who run the ****ing machine?

Anonymous said...

To the poster at 4:39. You are exactly right. The lack of leadership in the organization is the worst I have ever seen. One of the basic tenants of leadership is to be able to get your troops to follow you up a hill. This group would be killed by friendly fire. A solid leader goes without so people see the example being set and don't mind as much the sacrafices asked of them. I guess carpet will get them to manage better. And, of course, fresh paint etc will get them to think clearer. Of course, the furniture left behind from all the layoffs can't be used either.

Hamilton and Lambert, you are twits and don't have a clue. When the San Gabriel ad department hits the wall, and it will soon, you both will be dead in the water. That won't bother Hamilton, he has talked about retiring for at least two years and is milking a nearly dead cow. Most of those who work with him tell me he is retired now.

Anonymous said...

These guys actually get paid?