Jul 27, 2009

As the Times turn

Today's a day of turnover at the Los Angeles Times. LA Observed reports one arrival and two departures at the paper:

Steve Gellman was named the new publisher of LAT magazine. Jack Klunder, head of circulation at the Times, and a former LANGer, is leaving for points unknown. And Gawker Media announced that LATimes.com entertainment editor Richard Rushfield will become its West Coast editor.


Anonymous said...

Steve Gellman was a complete bust at Lang. Never delivered substance and what was delivered lost money. Most people felt he left quite a while ago as he made himself nearly invisible.

Who is checking on his recent performance, the Marx Brothers?

As far as Klunder, he is a solid circulation guy and I have heard virtually zero complaints about him as a boss. He speaks his mind and maybe the publisher didn't like to hear a variety of opinions. That will be that newspaper's loss and it will hurt.

They let an outstanding employee go and hire one who has a best a dubious track record to run a magazine that has more failures than Elizabeth Taylor has marriages. The future looks bright!

Anonymous said...

Spot on 11:41. Gellman talked a great game and little Eddie provided some cover. I'm still waiting for my Spaces magazine. Great name for the house ads between the articles.

As for Klunder---can't pretend to understand that move. Jack's a solid guy. He spoke his mind, had opinions, shared them. A long track record of success. This puts my weekend subscription to The Times at real risk. As a former employee, I was compelled to subscribe again after seeing Jack's note to employees.

Anonymous said...

if bullshit were music gellman would be a brass band.

Anonymous said...

Jack Klunder has always been a class act.

I have never known him to lie, have a political agenda, or not be loyal to those he worked for and those who worked for him.

He knows the business. The Los Angeles Times was worse off without him the first time and they will be much worse off without him now.

The Times hired the circ guy from San Diego who was dismissed? Seems like a bad trade to me. Engineer Eddy must not like people who know what's going on and speak up.

Engineer Eddy, you might have done wonders in direct tv, in newspapers, you'll wonder what happened!newspapers,

Anonymous said...

Little Eddie and Big Eddie. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I cannot understand how the times can hire a guy like gellman who did nothing at lang and i mean nothing. ok, let's say lang wasn't the best place to innovate and accomplish things, but, nothing?

To john olauglin, sorry for spelling errors, at the times, you made a big mistake. I'd like to bet you a buck you will agree shortly.

Engineer eddy, you aren't hitting anything out of the park yet...as a matter of fact, you would be striking out.