Jun 14, 2009

A new voice in Newport Beach

A group of journalists with roots at the Daily Pilot and LA Times have launched an online news site called The Daily Voice that will cover Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. Co-founder Tom Johnson explains the situation:
No large backers. No deep pockets. Just a group of us committed to providing Newport-Mesa with more local news, commentary and information, at a time when many news organizations are folding up shop.

We’ll start with some baby steps, but will grow up soon enough with the help of additional contributors and reader input. Stay tuned and you’ll see: the latest news posted whenever it happens; a fun and unique way to cover prep sports (we’ll tell you the secret this fall); community commentary from a diverse group of locals; and video for better editorial coverage and better results for advertisers.

They are soliciting donations "large or small" to keep the publication going.

I've heard rumblings that other former LA Times staffers have plans for online news sites.

(h/t Scott Martelle)

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, how long will people working essentially for free vigorously cover local goings-on? Until the day they manage to land regular paying gigs somewhere.