Jun 15, 2009

A new online publication brewing

Los Angeles could be getting a new online news publication courtesy of the recent purges at the Los Angeles Times.

A group of former Times staffers started a Yahoo newsgroup called "ex-LATers" a while back to exchange information about buyouts, jobs openings and sundry gossip, but more recently the talk has focused on the creation of an online news site, I'm told. At least one non-virtual meeting has been held to discuss the plan. As I understand it, the first step is to form a freelancer's network to help attract a stable of writers for the site. The group is currently debating what to call the network - the list of names is long and includes LAWritersNest.com, WriteMedia.com and TimesMediaTalent.com.

I'm told organizers have yet to settle on a model for a future site, but they are looking for financial backers. Some of the ex-LA Times staffers involved in the newsgroup include Richard Kipling, Scott Martelle, Janet Wilson and former associate editor Leo Wolinsky.

As usual, the photographers got an early start. A few ex-LAT photogs have already formed a freelance network of their own called Pro Photography Network, LLC.

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