Jun 18, 2009

Good morning at the Nieman Lab

The Nieman Lab at Harvard has some good stuff this morning, including this:
Good morning! The Watergate burglars were arraigned 37 years ago. How would (or wouldn't) Watergate get covered today?
Here are a few of the stories Nieman's linked to today:

1. The Guardian is using crowdsourcing to scour documents in the Parliament expense scandal.

2. Pollster John Zogby asks why people trust the Internet more than newspapers when they're getting the same information from both.

3. Authorities in Beijing plan to hire 10,000 Internet monitors to look for "harmful" websites and content - the other side of crowdsourcing. Last month, China demanded computer makers install filtering software on all personal computers sold in the country.

1 comment:

Mike Rappaport said...

Nixon would have gotten away with it.

The initial story wouldn't have gotten enough hits on the Website, Woodward & Bernstein would have been downsized, Fox News would have ridiculed it and Rush Limbaugh would have said Clinton did a lot worse.

Add to that the fact that people have gotten dumbed down so badly since 1972 and Nixon not only would have gotten away with it, Agnew would have run in 1976 and won.