Jun 8, 2009

Globe to NYT: This is a contract we can refuse

The union at the Boston Globe voted 277-265 today to reject a wage and benefit cuts requested by the paper's owner, the New York Times Co.

The New York Times reports:
After weeks of labor tension and 12 hours of suspenseful voting, members of the Newspaper Guild at the Boston Globe narrowly rejected a proposed package of wage and compensation cuts, despite a threat from the newspaper’s owner, The New York Times Company, that such a rejection could precipitate a unilateral, 23 percent cut in pay.
The Boston Herald's lede is a little feistier:
The Boston Globe’s biggest union last night refused to bow to contract concessions demanded by its New York corporate masters in a high-risk slap that dares management to make good on threats to impose a 23-percent pay cut or even shutter the struggling broadsheet.

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