Jun 6, 2009

Four today

1. Once you're out, they won't pull you back in: the reverse-roach-motel effect ... black cars and helicopters ... the neverending campaign ... will the NYT survive? - the David Carr interview (note the comment from former SGVN editor Eddie Barrera at the bottom) Ad Age

2. Alison Hewitt, formerly of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, looks at UC professors who put their lectures online for free. UCLA Today

3. With hefty chunks of classified advertising now gone, newspapers depend more than ever on legal ads (dbas, calls for bids, public notices, etc.) to boost their bottom lines. In fact, the Washington Post and Richmond Times-Dispatch have both filed lawsuits to block the New York-based Wall Street Journal from publishing legal ads in and around Virginia. VPA

4. The Twitter filter that lets you follow your favorite journalists. Muck Rack

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