Jun 10, 2009

Four in the evening

1. Los Angeles Times employees got a scare Monday when they arrived at work and found their ID cards wouldn't get them into the building. From Ed Padgett's Pressmens blog:
Why would employees think they had been let go you ask? Last year two employees were not notified of their job loss until they arrived at the newspaper. When their I.D. cards did not work, security gave them the bad news that they had lost their jobs.
(h/t fishbowlLA)

2. USA Today is the latest to offer subscribers an electronic edition of the printed newspaper. LANG launched theirs earlier this week.

3. What an emotional world. Clay Shirky says our penchant for instant news updates to be rebroadcast over social media sites "favors excitement over objectivity."

4. A study finds that newspapers salaries rose 2.1 percent between 2008 and 2009. Experienced reporters saw a 2 percent increase and interactive producers saw gains of 13 to 14 percent. It's not clear whether eliminating jobs might have boosted the averages.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think LANGers saw any of that 2.1 percent raise. Actually, I think that's how much we lost on the furlough.