May 16, 2009

Vu Nguyen, 34

Daily Breeze education reporter Vu Nguyen, who suffered cardiac arrest a week ago while playing soccer with friends, died Friday after doctors removed him from life support. His wife and family were by his side. From the Daily Breeze:
Doctors at Kaiser Permanete Medical Center in Harbor City determined that after a week in a coma, the 34-year-old Long Beach man's brain had stopped functioning.

His wife, Heather Hua, and parents, Chuyen and Ngoc Thuy Nguyen, and brother, Viet Nguyen, made the decision about 10 p.m. He died a short time later.

"I love him so much and being his wife and being a part of his life brought me so much happiness," his wife said. "And I thank him for sharing his life with me, even though it was brief."


Anonymous said...

Sad news. My heart goes out to his family.

Anonymous said...

He was an organ donor. Thank you, Vu.