May 2, 2009

Four in the afternoon

1. Mailer wars in the 32nd Congressional District race - Sen. Gil Cedillo's camp takes a cut-and-paste approach. LAT

2. The Los Angeles Daily News laid off Dodgers beat writer Tony Jackson. LAO

3. Washington Times columnist and sometimes Drudge Report editor Andrew Breitbart spoke at an anti-tax rally in front of Pasadena City Hall and said this about how America treats dissenters: "Just like in Cuba, like in Venezuela, those that dissent are marginalized at best, and jailed or killed or worse." PSN

4. Charlie Munger, who has a big stake in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, had this to say about the state of the newspaper industry: "
It’s really a national tragedy. As they disappear - I think what replaces them won’t be as desirable as what we’re losing." His partner, Warren Buffett, said he wouldn't buy another newspaper "at any price." PaidContent

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How awesome. Dodger coverage by committee. Will they travel a writer anymore or get AP? At least the best paper in LA waited until the second week of the season to can its writer. What a sorry place.