May 20, 2009

Daily News to shutter Valencia printing plant

The Los Angeles Daily News announced in February that it would close its printing and distribution facility in Valencia and outsource the work to Southwest Offset Printing in Gardena. Layoff notices went out to all press, production and office staff and, according to paperwork filed with the state, those notices come due on Friday, when as many as 185 employees will lose their jobs.


Anonymous said...

No shock here. Rumors were constant and confirmed earlier this year. Soon, LANG won't have anything but a handful of reporters, a few sales reps, some very weak internet sites, and still no leadership.

Little Eddie sure took the money and ran after decimating yet another company.

The flagship of the empire is no more. No printing site, circulation in the toilet, cavernous space inside a recently moved into building, and revenues falling like a ton of bricks with no end in sight.

What a shame. All the more because it shouldn't have happened.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: The toilet has been laid off.

Anonymous said...

Dean Singleton is the Madoff of journalism. El-Deano is just shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic. Get out while your still young.

Anonymous said...

The toilet can't be laid off...still way to much crap going on at LANG. And besides, Janiga promised no more layoffs!

Next we will read comments on how wonderful the union is.

Anonymous said...

Actually, not so much. The union isn't even a factor anymore. They died and were eaten by the survivors.

As I said the other day on a different post, LANG is the Donner Party of journalism.

Anonymous said...

I think you are being way to kind in your description of the organization, but, it was a good laugh.