May 21, 2009

Cuts in St. Paul

MediaNews Group has sent out a demand that the St. Paul Pioneer Press slash $2.4 million from its newsroom budget, which would take a substantial chunk out of the paper's 138-person newsroom.


The Strib's Dan Browning, a former PiPress staffer, crunched some numbers and says St. Paul could lose up to 30 newsroom personnel — hard to imagine in a staff that's already skeletal. Would even Dean Singleton's e-edition subscribers pay for a PiPress with 20 percent fewer journalists?

However, Browning's calculation assumes surviving newsroom employees absorb no cuts. A memo from St. Paul's Newspaper Guild indicates management would rather pay everyone less: slashing wages, ending 401(k) matches, eliminating extra pay for night workers, and axing merit pay.


Anonymous said...

I haven't looked up the ABC figures for the PiPress, but I suspect it probably isn't much larger than the Daily News.

The DN is barely limping along with only 9 metro writers and a handful of editors and production jobs.

Too bad little Eddie went south. He could have had a grand time slashing and burning in St. Paul.

Anonymous said...

Little Eddie will have a grand time south in San Diego slashing, burning, and being a hermit...hell, the weather is better too.