May 8, 2009

California investigated*

The Center for Investigative Reporting announced plans to create a California-focused investigative journalism project, using $2.4 million in grant funds from two foundations. Louis Freedburg, founder of the California Media Collaborative, will lead the project. From the press release:
Targeting regional and statewide journalism offers a solution to the crisis in journalism. The project will serve as a watchdog for government and powerful institutions, fulfilling the core mandate of CIR. It will partner with existing news organizations, journalism schools and other institutions to develop innovative ways to inform and engage Californians on issues that affect them in their communities and in their daily lives.
The release also includes a link to a "job descriptions" page.

*Correction: Perhaps due to wishful thinking, I'd mistakenly typed "$2.4 billion in grant funds." It's $2.4 million.


Anonymous said...

1. Why wasn't this done a couple years ago? Investigative reporting has been long dead in the California market.
2. How objective will this reporting be on the immigration topic? Anyone who is in favor enforcing existing laws is called a racist nowadays.

Bradley J. Fikes said...

It's $2.4 million in grant funds.

Gary Scott said...

Too many shows on the stimulus package have clouded my mind. Thanks for the correx.