May 7, 2009

50 > 13

The big story today for the L.A. Dodgers was supposed to be that the club had set the Major League record for consecutive home-game wins (13-0) at the start of a season, beating the previous record of 12 consecutive wins set by the 1911 Detroit Tigers.

But the Los Angeles Times just broke the news that star player Manny Ramirez will be suspended for 50 games after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

I guess 13 really is an unlucky number.

*Update: Ramirez blamed the positive test on a medication prescribed to him by a doctor.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the coverage in lang on this story today was hard hitting, solid, and right on time. Wait, they don't have a beat writer...guess that's another one they missed. Why do I want these newspapers again?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Ramirez cycles to Dodger Stadium for home games. That's why they busted him. Cyclists are always getting caught.

Anonymous said...

I think Dean Singleton sold Manny the steroids. My life is defined by my hatred for LANG.

Anonymous said...

If singleton sold him the steroids a couple of events happened prior to the sale.

Dean bought in bulk, he overpaid, he didn't know what he was buying, he lied to manny, and he is now talking to the drug unions to get relief.