Apr 21, 2009

P-E update

It appears that 14 people got laid off from the Press-Enterprise newsroom in the latest round of cuts, most of them from the copy desk, which is now down below 20 people. In addition, another two long-time journalists, City Hall reporter Doug Haberman and Director of Photography Gary Miller, announced plans to resign.

*This post has been edited


Anonymous said...

Actually, according to the list Belo hands you as you're leaving, 30 people were laid off from all the departments. And the copydesk is down to 9 people, plus 3 assistant managers.
And those 9 people are swamped, frustrated, depressed, scared.

Gary Scott said...

I've clarified that the total reported here includes only the cuts made to the newsroom. I've heard a different number re: the copy desk, so will try to get more info.