Apr 16, 2009

After journalism

For journalists who are thinking about leaving the profession, or are being forced out - the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has put together a panel with you in mind. On Wednesday, April 29, SPJ hosts “Journalism Ethics in a Post-Journalism World: How to Regain Your Career Without Losing Your Soul.”

Here's how the panel discussion is billed:
In the continually shifting media landscape – and particularly in today’s brutal economy – more and more reporters and editors are finding themselves forced to contemplate or confront an unplanned and often unwanted change of career from professional journalism. Their skill set equips them for a variety of communications, research, political and advocacy work, but they may well be wondering how to retain and integrate into a post-journalism career the traditional SPJ values and ethics of openness and transparency, honesty and accuracy, accountability and responsibility that have been the foundation of modern professional journalism.
Here's the panel:

  • Aaron Curtiss – member of Sitrick and Company strategic communications firm, former Los Angeles Times staff writer, editor, advertising manager, online-transition leader
  • Laureen Lazarovici – Senior Communications Consultant with the Kaiser Permanente Labor-Management Partnership, former staff writer for L.A. Weekly, communications staff member for the AFL-CIO in Washington, DC, and United Nurses Association of California
  • Allan Parachini – Public Information Officer, Los Angeles Superior Court; former Los Angeles Times staff writer; Director Of Public Affairs, ACLU-Southern California; Vice President For Communications for California Community Foundation
  • Ted Rohrlich – researcher/investigator for Service Employees International Union Local 721, former staff writer and investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times
For more information about the discussion, email SPJLosAngeles@gmail.com or call (323) 259-3350.


Edward Barrera said...

PR, Advertising, Unions. Sounds like the rationalization roundtable.

Anonymous said...

I loathe doing PR work. Makes me feel so ... dirty. :-(

Anonymous said...

The forum is being hosted by the SPJ. There's no mention in this post of it being a union event. I'm not sure what harm can come from meeting with those who've found work after journalism. We all have our feelings about PR, but we've all got to eat.