Apr 9, 2009

A1 advertorialization at LA Times

The Los Angeles Times is "innovating" with a fake-story front-page ad for a television series on NBC called Southland. Click the link to see a screen shot.


Mike Rappaport said...

People seem to be making a huge fuss out of this, but it was obviously an ad. While it's sad to see ads on A1 anywhere, anytime, this is no big deal.

Anonymous said...

While everyone was wringing their hands about an ad that looked like an ad in the Times, no one noticed the two pages LANG ran that looked like regular news but weren't. Funny how the experts quoted in the columns on "The Law" pages were that same people who bought big ads on the pages. No ad labels.

So NBC, maybe you should be talking to LANG. They'll run anything and make it look as "real" as you want.

What a total bunch of unethical frauds.

Anonymous said...

one subscriber cancelled his sub after 40 years because of the ad and says he was paying $46 per month...is he nuts! how many subscribers are paying way over current rate...shame on you newspapers for gouging loyal customers.

Edward Barrera said...

Didn't see that page. But there has been a long standing battle between LANG editorial and advertising about advertising 'articles' not being clearly marked. We never saw it until after it was published. We would get angry, demand changes, then it would happen again.
It won't change because it brings in money. A lot of money.