Mar 10, 2009

Voila, convergence!

The individuated-newspaper initiative jogs a reader's memory of yet another mostly forgotten newspaper experiment. This time it's the CueCat, a bar-code reader that aimed to link the printed page to the World Wide Web.

From NAA's TechNews column:
Of course, all these technologies assume that you’re willing to read (or watch television) while hunched over your creaky computer table. As wireless advocates predict about the ’Net as a whole, print-to-Web technology will leap forward when it’s untethered from the PC and accessible anywhere.
The year 2000 never seemed so long ago.


Anonymous said...

Convergance! Goddness I'd almost all but forgotten that term.

Speaking of convergance, Mark Deuze Professor of Journalism and New Media at Leiden University addressed the future of journalism and the job cuts in 2007.

Anonymous said...

"The audience becoming their own media producers."
An absolutely thrilling prospect. Wake me up when it's over.