Mar 22, 2009

Unwinding the Rocky from the Post

The Denver Post fired 40 people from the business department on Friday and will fire another 160 people in the coming weeks, according to the Denver Business Journal:
The Denver Newspaper Agency's job cuts are “partly an effort to resize the work force after the closure of the Rocky Mountain News in February,” the Post announced late Friday on its website. Post newsroom workers were not involved.
And who's that calling the shots now in Denver? Gerald Grilly, former head of LANG:
“These actions will help us shape a new business model that will allow us to adapt to new market realities,” Gerald Grilly, DNA president/CEO, said in the Post’s statement. “We are not just ink on paper anymore; we are true information providers across many platforms. The new shape of our industry demands that we work leaner and smarter to serve our customers.”


Anonymous said...

I guess we didn't have to be leaner and smarter prior...we could just piss money away and not think about the future. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I guess they are not seeing much of the Post advertising.

Anonymous said...

They won't because much of it was not exclusive to the Post. Not unlike the Herald Ex in LA when it folded. It may cost them money as advertisers can now reduce print schedules even further.