Mar 11, 2009

Three things I read on Romenesko today

The Associated Press countersues Echo Park-based artist Shepard Fairey, who sued AP after AP claimed he had infringed on its copyright for using an AP photo as the basis for his "Hope" Obama poster.

The Miami Herald slashes its workforce, becoming the latest McClatchy newspaper to do so. The paper will cut 175 employees and eliminate 30 vacant positions. The employees who remain will see a pay cut of either 5 or 10 percent, depending on how much they make. Also, the paper plans to shrink its print edition. In December, McClatchy put the Herald up for sale.

Lastly, a law professor at the University of Montana wants to shut down the college paper's weekly sex column because she doesn't like it. She's threatened to take her case to the Board of Regents... even the state Legislature if necessary! Apparently the professor doesn't teach constitutional law.

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