Mar 16, 2009

Out of print

Hearst announced today that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer will become an online-only publication, with about 145 fewer news staffers. From the New York Times:
...the P-I, as it is called, will resemble a local Huffington Post more than a traditional newspaper, with a news staff of about 20 people rather than the 165 it has had, and a site consisting mostly of commentary, advice and links to other news sites, along with some original reporting.
In lieu of journalists, the P-I has decided to go directly to the source for government coverage:
Among the new columnists, Hearst said, will be Norm Rice, a former Seattle mayor, and his wife, Constance Rice; a congressman, Jim McDermott; Maria Goodloe-Johnson, who heads the city’s public schools; and a former police chief, a former United States attorney, and two former governors.

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Mike Rappaport said...

So 145 Seattle journalists lost their jobs -- 20 out of 165 remain.

Sadly, that's probably a pretty fair ratio for where it will happen in other places too.