Mar 21, 2009

McKee in the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times had a story today about open-government advocate Richard McKee's big legal bill, leftover from a 2006 court decision that said he had to pay Orange Unified School District's attorney's fees after he sued them for censoring one of its board members.

A noteworthy new fact from the story: Orange Unified eliminated the seat held by the censored board member, Steve Rocco, when it redrew its political districts last year.

As to why he stood up for Rocco, McKee told the Times:
"Rocco certainly was an irritation. I was at the meetings, I saw his antics," he said. "At the same time, he was elected, and he had an obligation to express concerns about people who worked at Orange Unified and decisions they made, and that needed to be protected."

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Edward said...

Could they do a lamer story? Seriously.