Mar 26, 2009

Layoffs, pay cuts at Californian

The Bakersfield Californian is making itself and its paychecks smaller. From Editor and Publisher:
The family-owned Bakersfield Californian has cut 26 jobs -- 20 of them by layoffs -- as part of a wide-ranging austerity plan that includes a 5% salary cut for all non-union employees, an indefinite suspension of 401(k) retirement plan contributions, executive changes including a new newsroom boss, and a pledge for a "total redesign" of the paper and its Web site.

The job cuts, amounting to 11% of the staff, is the second round of layoffs in the last four months as the paper's revenue continues to spiral downward from California's collapsed housing market.


Anonymous said...

There are newspapers that still believe a "total redesign" is going to actually help? Don't tell me, there's some "design guru" on staff who need to justify his/her existence?
Put a little effort into producing copy people actually want to read; they couldn't care less about "dominant elements" and font choice.

Anonymous said...