Mar 25, 2009

Four in the afternoon

Cox is shrinking again ... SGVN thanks McKee for standing up for the nuts ... Anti-anti-trust/Singletonphobia in San Francisco ... The changing face of Compton, California


Edward Barrera said...

I think the McKee thing is a letter. The move from print to web sometimes takes out who wrote it. (I assume)

Anonymous said...

we can mostly agree that newspapers are in the tar pits and it is just when. they may not become extinct, but, you wont recognize them and they will be a lot less impactful in peoplea lives. some like singletons will sink faster due to crappy and worse leadership issues and others will morph to make a rational margin. it probably would have happened even with a better economy, this just quickened the sinking. there are still millions of dollars out there that arent being captured cause they dont have anyone who knows how.